Pardon us

I’m feeling old.

And that is not strange because I am old. 47.

But it is not that bad. I am planning on becoming much older.

This story could have many other titles. For example: The arrogance of youth.

Since I am a technician I am always amazed in this age. Nowadays it is very simple to send a picture from one phone to another.

Let’s say that a picture is 1Mb. That is one megabyte. Which is 1.000.000 bytes. Which is 8.000.000 bits. Each representing a 1 or a 0. All these ones and zero’s are floating through the air and somehow find my phone. How many ones and zeros are surrounding us? In some way it is a bit scary.

It is very easy to look at the past and think that people used to be slow, ignorant, backwards and so on.

We, on the other hand have evolved so much that we are no longer happy with the beers that we can buy from stores. No. We can make beer ourselves. In this modern age you can buy every thing you need and produce your own beer at home. Nicer than the beers from stores and as pure as possible. Just water, malts, hops, and yeast. And I totally agree! Home made beers beat mass production!

But this is not the point of this story. This is!

As I said, I was feeling old. And I sometimes like to watch old movies which were still on television when I was young.

Laurel and Hardy in a 1931 movie. “Pardon us”. They are heading to a store which sells malts, hops and yeasts for the home beer maker!

It made me think of something that a teacher once said to me: We can reach for the sky because we are standing on the shoulders of big men.


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