Welcome to the blog hobinitat.com.

In 2007 I found a site that explained how you could make wine at home. At that moment I did not believe that you can make something that would be as good as wine from a store. I still decided that I was going to try it and I have not looked back. Most of the wine that I drink at home is home made.

The same applies for beer. I am not a big beer drinker but I wanted to try the Brewferm sirup cans. Since I was already making wine I did not have to buy any new equipment. The beers are very simple to make and it is not much work. I was most interested in the beers that contain a bit more alcohol. I started with Grand Cru and Abbey beer. Again I was pleasantly surprised. The results are very tasty and look great in a nice glass.

In 2011 I also became interested in making cheese. I bought a book and found a big hurdle. To make cheese you need a special room in which you can control the temperature. Since I did not have this I decided that I could not start this hobby. I forgot about it.

In 2012 I decided that I deserved a present and I bought a wine refrigerator for myself. It may sound snobbish but according to the connoisseurs we drink white wine too cold and red wine to warm. Now I believe that this also applies to special beers.

At that moment I did not realize it but this refrigerator is perfect for making cheese. So in 2013 I started with this hobby. Later I found out that you can buy a simple thermostat to change an old refrigerator to a “cheese cave” / “wine refrigerator”.

When my wife and I would be on holiday people would be very interested in my wine making adventures and some of her friends were actually making wine themselves. They were complaining that it was difficult to find supplies and equipment. I found that hard to believe because in Holland I can go to a big shop which is only 30 minutes driving.

This planted a seed in my head. Why not start a shop in Turkey? After a long time talking about it and thinking about it we decided to try it and the result is www.fermantasyonmarket.com . We found a supplier in www.brouwland.com and with their help we managed to arrange a mountain of documents that are needed to import these goods. This was a horrible process. Now we understand why there was no shop in Turkey!

This blog is meant for anybody interested in these three crafts and occasionally there will be writings about other interests. We are not professionals. We are serious hobbyists and all our writings will be based partially on our own experience and for a big part on knowledge that we have selected from other sources. You can find everything on the internet but unfortunately there is also a lot of bad information. We hope that this blog will help you in enjoying your hobby.

Sema and Hans