Success! I found another way that does not work!

Failures are a great way to learn. Usually people will not write down their failures but only their successes. If we continue like this we will all make the same mistakes until the end of time.

Therefore I decided to describe the path of failures that I walked to get where I am today. I will also include stories from others because I did not make all the mistakes there are.

I am not sure whether I should write about my failures because they are actually important to me. I have forgotten about a lot of successes but the failures I remember vividly. And I can laugh about most of them. Especially the biggest ones. I remember the kitchen floor was flooded with boiling beer. My God. At the moment I felt awful about it but now I…. I..

I still hate that moment.

Anyway, I am sure that there are plenty of mistakes left for you to make.

Since I made more than a few failures I cannot write all of them at once so this story will be a living document.

Topping up

Shards bring luck!

Racking can lead to foggy results

How to make white Stilton yellow

Failures in cheese can be magnificent. This attempt to make mozzarella resulted in a much better cheese than I aimed for. Since I did not reach my goal I call it a failure but I consider it a great achievement. The tastiest rubber ball

Why is my cheese not coagulating?

Not really my failure but fermentation stopped?

Oops, Did I add bottling sugar?


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