The bottle filler

This is the best tool that any beer or wine maker can buy. Especially for beer makers.

I don’t like bottling. It is not much fun and it seems almost like work.

But this simple tool makes life a lot better. It is cheap, simple and works perfect.

When I started making wine I bought a bottle filler that was a bit more complicated. It would stop when the bottle is full. MOST of the time that is what it does. Unfortunately it would not work sometimes and you can guess what happens next. That’s right; precious wine on the floor.

On some bottles it would not fit properly which also resulted in spilling wine.

While making beer it was even more useless. It filled the bottles from the top and the beer splashes in which result in a lot of foam so it was not possible to fill the bottle in one try. It takes a long time to wait for the foam to disappear.

Then I found this thing.

It is hard to believe but this simple tool works fantastic. You attach it to the racking hose. When you push the filler to the bottom of the bottle it opens and the beer or wine will flow. When you lift it again the flow is immediately blocked.

Lift and it is closed

Place on the bottom and it is open

And the best part; it fills from the bottom of the bottle. This prevents foaming in beer bottles so you can fill them in one go. Filling bottles does not need to take longer than racking.

Since there is no splashing, the contact with air / oxygen is also minimized.

Seriously; no beer or wine maker should have to live without it.

I think that guy has made a nice movie about the bottling process.


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